Thank you for your interest in volunteering in the Hillsboro School District.  We appreciate your willingness and value your volunteer time.  To translate this website into another language please click on the TRANSLATE text on the right in the blue banner at the top of this page.

During the process of completing the online form you may cancel the process at any time by simply closing the browser window containing the form, without submitting the application.  Once submitted the information you provided will be kept on record for two years and will be used to match your interest to the volunteer opportunities in the District.

When completing the application please be sure to provide a valid email address if you wish to be notified of your application status, or you wish to be notified of volunteer opportunities and events.

Below you will find three buttons that allow you to submit a new application (first time volunteer), renew a current application that is about to expire or just update your contact information.  Please click the appropriate button to access the on-line form and complete the desired task.

Use the NEW APPLICATION button to submit a new volunteer application.  First time volunteers will typically use this button to submit a new volunteer application.

Use the RENEW APPLICATION button to renew a volunteer application that has or is about to expire.  Volunteers will typically receive an email containing a renewal link when their application is about to expire.  Volunteers may use the link or this button to renew their volunteer application.

Use the UPDATE MY INFORMATION button to update the information in a volunteer application.   One would typically use this button to update/change their contact information, interest or possibly correct errors in previously entered information.  This WILL NOT RENEW your application, it will simply update information in your current application.