Volunteer Information

Parent and community involvement is abundant within schools across the District.  Through strong parent organizations, SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) volunteers, E3 mentors, and thousands of individuals who donate their time in our schools, students benefit from a diverse range of opportunities these generous volunteers provide.  Whether receiving assistance with reading, the opportunity to learn a new skill, or benefiting from school gardens, updated playground, and computer labs, students’ experiences during their K-12 education in Hillsboro are greatly enhanced through these contributions.  Contact individual schools for information on current volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Procedures

Signing up to become a volunteer for the Hillsboro School District is relatively easy.  Once your application has cleared, it is good for two years.

There are three basic steps to becoming a volunteer.

  1. Read the district's  Volunteer Handbook

  2. Complete the on-line Volunteer Application and Criminal History Verification Form, which provides consent for a background check.  (Human Resources will contact you if additional information is needed)

  3. Contact your school to confirm approval and to receive your volunteer assignments.  Be sure to wear your volunteer badge and sign in and out in the main office.

All information will be handled in a professional and confidential manner.  To submit a new or renewal application, or update your current application please click the button below.

Checking Your Volunteer Status

The approval process consists of three steps.

Two weeks after completing your fingerprint submission you may check your application status by clicking on the "CHECK MY STATUS" button below.